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When you trade international shares with Monex, you get all this and much more....

Multi-Market Stock Trading

We give access to exchange listed securities in 12 international stock markets across Asia and the United States, which covers around 70% of world market capitalisation.

Market Country Exchange Market Country Exchanage
USA New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
Korea Korea Exchange (KRX)
Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Singapore Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX)
Tokyo Stock Exchange Malaysia Bursa Malaysia
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx)
Thailand Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)
China Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE)
Shenzen Stock Exchange (SZSE)
Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)
Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE)
Philippines Philippines Stock Exchange

Competitive Pricing

You can enjoy great value of our service at a low commission rate.

Market Country Brokerage Fee *1 Minimum  Market Country Brokerage Fee *1 Minimum
USA 0.10% USD 9.99 Korea 0.30% KRW 25,000
Australia *2 0.12% AUD 19.95 Singapore 0.30% SGD 35
Japan 0.10% JPY 2,500 Thailand 0.30% THB 800
Hong Kong 0.10% HKD 88 or USD 12
or RMB 130  
Malaysia 0.30% MYR 100
China 0.30% RMB 130 or USD 18
or HKD 130
Indonesia 0.30% IDR 350,000
Taiwan 0.30% NTD 800 Philippines 0.30% PHP 1,000

  1. Commission is charged on each order executed on the same day basis. For all U.S. trades, any price and/or quantity change for partially filled order will be treated as a new order and charged accordingly.
  2. GST applied where applicable.

For more information about brokerage fees and other costs, please see  Fees and Changes.

Powerful Order Types

We provide a collection of powerful online trading order types to fit your trading strategy. Simply pre-set your orders and let our system do the work for you.

Market Order To buy or sell securities at prevailing market price.
Limit Order  To buy or sell a stock at or better than a specified price - the Limit Price. 
Sell Stop-Limit Order  To sell a stock once the market price drops to a pre-set Stop Price.
Two-way Sell Order To sell a stock at Target Price when price goes up, or to stop loss at pre-set Stop Price when price goes down. 
Chain Order Enter a set of 2 orders, in which the second order will be activated upon the full execution of the first order.

Integrated Account Management

Manage your investments across all 12 markets under one account number. Save your troubles in calling other brokers when trading international stocks.

Sales proceeds from trades are instantly reflected and made available for buying securities in any markets.

Complete Web Access

Simply place all instructions over an Internet browser. No need to download any software or apps. 

Instant online updates for order status, portfolio holdings and funds available. 

Multi-market Watchlist

Watchlist is a perfect tool to help you keep an close eye on your international investments. Add stock across 12 markets to one watchlist.

Via one unique in-house group capabilities this provides clients with access to trade multiple markets.

B2B Solutions

Looking for access to offshore markets at a fair price for you and your clients? Not only does Monex provide solutions for retail clients, we also cater to Asset Managers and Brokers!

Find out more today by contacting our Business Development team who can assist with your specific needs.

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